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# Inventory Management
I created this branch of my inventory management System because I wanted to use it on a node with a small (1024x600px) LCD touchscreen on a Intel NUC. As it turned out this branch is now a slightly different approach on my initial software and it has some very different features.
## The differences
There is no 'one database', you can create as much as you want. there is a master database in which different parameters are stored but other than that you can create databases as you like. This helps organizing you data in bigger chunks, such as SMD/THT or similar. Or even organizing many different inventories.
Also this Version of the software is frameless and intended to use on a 1024x600 display, as it is designed for this purpose. You may change this as you wish, but be aware of it.
## The features
- Creating a new empty database
- Adding new tables to the database with as much columns as you want
- Adding new entries to the tables
- Adding, editing, saving and deleting data in tables
- Sorting your data by columns
- Delete existing tables
- Delete columns in tables
- Conditional formatting (e.g. for quantity alert)
- Tables can directly be printed
these are less features than in the other version, but this has reasons:
First, it started as a try on a few different things and was just for playing around with functions.
Second, it converted more or less to the idea of using a NUC with a smaller screen as a standalone node.
Third, I was just too lazy to implement everything since i wouldn't really need it THAT much...
so... sorry for that :D
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